In honor of "Lagwagon day 2023" Meltshifter made this cover of 'Pray for Them' by Lagwagon.

In a world challenged by COVID-19, social distancing, polarization, economic recession and uncertainty, Meltshifter brings you: -SOUR- a quarantine made video semi-acoustic song about lost love, regret, anger, resignation, depression and acceptance, pending their first full blown album.

In honor of "Lagwagon day" Meltshifter made this little acoustic cover of May 16 by Lagwagon.

This mp3 is a little sample of a section from one song from our new upcoming album in 2021.
It is just mixed roughly without any polish. But it gives a good idea of how the album will sound.

We hope you enjoy this, there will be more to come in the future. The album will be available soon for free to download.

'Better Days' is the very first release of Meltshifter: an EP released in 2006 consisting of 8 tracks. The EP 'Better Days' is free to stream and download. Also available on all streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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